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Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 reading challenge wrap up and 2017 goals

For 2016 my goal was to read 100 books and at the time I set it, I knew it was a pretty ambitious goal but I thought it was worth a shot. I didn't meet my goal or even get halfway there but I still feel pretty good about my results.
2016 totals
I read 33 books
14,038 pages
I love that I can see the number of pages along with the number of books on Goodreads, because it helped me really understand how much I actually read in 2016. I mean, 33 didn't feel like a lot of books but when I looked at my actual page count and did the math, it showed me that I read about 38 pages a day which isn't too shabby in my mind. Here are a couple of cool graphics from Goodreads that showed me some neat information about my reading habits in 2016

One thing I didn't realize until it was too late was that if I re-read a book from years past, I had to actually change the read date in Goodreads in order for it to count towards my reading goal so at least I know that for 2017. 

For 2017 my goal is to read 50 books. I feel like this is much more achievable right now than reading 100 books especially as I do tend to reach for books that have a pretty high page count. 

Did you have a reading goal for 2016? Did you make it? What is your goal for 2017?

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