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Monday, August 8, 2016

Pinup Girl Clothing review - Jenny Skirts and Peasant Blouses

Not long ago I fell in love with the peasant blouse on Pinup Girl Clothing, thanks to a pretty big variety (about 20 different colors/prints) and at least 5 of them being in colors or prints that I desperately had to have, I decided to take the plunge and buy one even though I rarely do separates. 

I decided to start with the red one in 3XL and I love the fit, the color, the everything about it. I could probably have sized down in the blouse but I like the fit on the 3XL because it gives me a little more room and I don't feel too constricted. Because these blouses have very little give and zip down in the back, it's important to measure yourself carefully but keep in mind that there is more room in the bust area just by the nature of the way the blouses are put together so there is some flexibility in the sizing for the top half.  

Once I fell in love with the blouse it became a mission for me to find a skirt that I liked to wear with it. I struggle with finding skirts that I am comfortable in and that I feel look right on me. Because of the way that I have fat above and below my natural waist line and the way that my back curves down, skirts have a habit of rising up in the back and I for one, don't like the high-low look no matter what, but especially when the back is shorter because of my ass. 

Enter the Jenny Skirt! With about 30 different colors/prints, I was really hopeful that this skirt would work for me. I loved the way it looked on the models (both large and small) but I was nervous about how it would actually fit. Especially since not long ago I purchased the Jenny dress and it just doesn't look quite right on me. 

I started with the black one because I figured that if it worked, it would go with some of the tops I already have and you can't really go wrong with a black skirt. As soon as I received it and tried it on, I knew I was going to have a problem. The problem is that now I want ALL of the Jenny skirts and peasant blouses! I love, love, love this skirt so very much. And it has pockets~ 
Top in a 3XL and skirt in 2XL 

 A week after getting my black skirt, I went ahead and ordered the Mary Blair Lips and Roses print which isn't something I normally go for but something about it was really appealing. I am so glad I got this print as it's super fun and pretty in person.

Top in a 3XL and skirt in 2XL  

I also HAD to have the peasant blouse in my all time favorite colors of pink and fuchsia and of course the Evan Dorkin Cthulhu print!

A couple of notes - I'm wearing this higher than my natural waist as skirts tend to sit better and look better sitting closer to my rib cage than  my belly button. Be sure to follow the size chart and measure your own waist very carefully. I would also recommend checking the size chart for each skirt you are thinking of buying as there can be some variances in size between patterns and colors. I suspect that it's largely because of the fact that all of these products are made in the US. 

I don't get paid for these reviews or get any free or discounted shit which is a bummer but you know, I have like 5 people who actually read my blog so it's not exactly a good business choice for them to give me free shit when there are other gals out there who have thousands of followers reading their reviews. I mostly write these for me and for my 5 readers who might be interested in this kind of thing :) 

And now I am enforcing a strict moratorium on buying any new products as I only have 24 days until DragonCon! 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Because I love shapewear - Rago 9070 Wear Your Own Bra Girdle Review

It's a little sad how excited I get when I order a new girdle but Rago seriously makes the best products ever. I don't know why people waste money buying Spanx. I mean, I suppose they do the job and they are a lot easier to find since they are sold pretty much everywhere ever, but I don't feel like they are as effective as my Rago products and they really aren't any cheaper. Plus Rago is a hell of a lot prettier! Who says shapewear has to be plain and ugly? Not me.

I mean would you rather wear this -
Spanx - Red Hot Label high waisted shorts - around $44.00

Or this?
Rago extra firm high waisted shaper (9607) around $50.00

I've reviewed one of my other Rago items, the 1294 open bottomed girdle but it has been almost 2 years since I've posted any reviews and I'm long overdue.

It can be problematic at best to find ANY shapewear for people of a certain size and while Rago's sizing is a bit different than what you are probably used to (be sure to check the actual Rago size chart when ordering and if in doubt, you may want to order a size up) they do have a variety of sizes and styles to fit almost any body type. For Rago - American Shapewear in particular usually carriers the widest selection of styles and sizes. Some items go all the way to 10XL but again, be sure to check the size charts because the sizing is a lot different for shapewear than it is for clothes.

While my fat is fairly well distributed, I do have pretty thick upper thighs and a bulgy tummy both above and below my natural waist line. I have some back fat but it's usually not too pronounced unless I wear certain corsets or some high waisted girdles that have a tendency to push the fat up and over the top which frankly, is not a look I care to cultivate. Also for those of us with thicker thighs, the "panty" type shapers/girdles can pinch the top of the thighs and cause some pretty significant discomfort.

With that in mind, it can be a little tricky to buy what I call "stretchy shorts" because they either roll up on my thighs or roll down on my back which can cause weird bulges on my back or "bubbles" on my thighs where the shorts roll up or pinch. I decided I wanted to try a body briefer that I could wear my own bra with in the hopes that it would give me some firm shaping and give me a smoother silhouette under my wiggle dresses.

I went directly to the Rago site for ideas and came across item 9070 and decided to give it a shot in a 3XL, and can I just say, I fucking love it.
obviously not me

Made of a nylon/spandex blend it has a nice firm compression and it's is surprisingly comfortable especially for an item that has as much hold as this does. The lace on the legs has that sticky silicone stuff that is supposed to hold the legs in place and in this case it actually works without irritating my stupidly sensitive skin. The straps didn't dig or hurt and it stayed in place even after wearing it for about 8 hours. It really smoothed everything down and didn't give me any awkward lines either on the bottom of the thighs or on the back between the top of the girdle and the bra.

My one and only gripe about it is how hard it is for me to pee while wearing it. It comes with a split crotch that allegedly makes it easier to go to the bathroom but we all know that is mostly bullshit.

But that is really the only negative thing I have to say about this piece of shapewear and I overall think it's a great piece and definitely a good addition to my collection.

Overall, I LOVE this item and will definitely be wearing this fairly regularly. I would give it a solid 8 out of 10 on the PJ scale of awesomeness.