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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's cooking?

As most of you already know, I love cooking and I try to cook my own food as frequently as possible. I am an intuitive cook in that I don't really measure anything and I am pretty decent at making improvisational meals which makes it really hard for me to write accurate recipes for my other blog Bitch Can Cook

It definitely wasn't something I was taught, as my mom is not the worlds greatest or most creative cook.  I grew up eating things like beans and rice or fish sticks and mac and cheese, nothing too complicated. When she tried to be experimental with her cooking, it generally didn't end well. I remember one time when she tried to make a version of Shepard's Pie that was so bad, it took me almost a decade to try eating the dish again. (One dish that she excels at is Arroz con Pollo and no matter what I do it's never as good as hers). One thing that I always have a hard time with though, is wasting food. I buy stuff that goes bad in the fridge due to laziness, I buy things like veggies and cut too much off of them and then just throw the bits and bobs out instead of finding a way to utilize them. 

Today on a  foodie group page that I belong to on the facepage, someone posted this interesting article called "Starve a Landfill" from the New York Times  about efficiency in the kitchen and reducing the amount of crap that we throw out every day. It was really interesting and it brought up an excellent point. My generation is the generation of convenience food, frozen dinners, frozen breakfasts, pre-packaged lunches, you all know the drill. 

When you are used to having all the work done for you, how do you learn to do it for yourself? Where do you get the knowledge about what parts to use and how to use them? Where do you get information on what to do with all of those bits and bobs? What about composting? What is that even? Why would I do that in an apartment or if I don't have a garden? Does anyone even teach this stuff anymore? I mean I took Home Economics in high school that taught me some basic skills but I've heard that they don't even have that class anymore. 

I know Mr. S's roommate, aka the squirrel that lives on our roof, will be disappointed, but I definitely want to learn more about being less wasteful and being more budget conscious.  I think it's time to start doing some more reading, do some fact finding, maybe check out the books mentioned in that article. 

What do you do to reduce kitchen waste? Or is this something that you even think about? Inquiring minds want to know... 

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