"I want to be my own design" Clive Barker - Imajica

Saturday, August 23, 2014

pretty dresses, pretty makeup, beautiful ladies

Sometimes both in one picture! Lots of photos, mostly from Getty photos of various celebs at various events. Instead of posting a million sepaerate photos on FB, I'd rather blog them because. Just because.
so, so pretty! The colors of the dress and her makeup are just glorious

I don't know who she is but damn she has some GORGEOUS skin and that smile! Also that dress is really cool, I want one now.

That Orphan Black girl is just cute as a button.

that color is stunning with that skin tone and hair color. Love the bold lip with this too.


"She always looks like she is on the verge of flaying you open with her eyeballs and devouring your entrails, which is a quality I admire in a woman." 
Think that might be the best description of Eva Green ever. I think the quote from Jezebel.com but I'm not 100% sure. 

I think ethereal is the word I am looking for. And I love the edgy haircut with the hyper feminine dress.

princess dress! 

I usually am not a huge fan of asymmetrical dresses but this one is really pretty. 

Lavender is definitely her color 

Cavalli, of course. It's all in the details with his designs. 

love the pattern on the skirt, not a huge fan of the top though 

Love this look! Which if you know me at all you would say "Duh of course you do" I also really like Laura Prepon as a brunette.

there is a kind of Dynasty feel to the dress to me but I love it. It's simply stunning

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The not so ladylike, lady in red

There once was a red dress that I lusted after for almost a year. As much as I loved it, I hesitated to buy it. I'd never in my life owned a red dress. 
Then, in an awesome show of awesomeness my work gave me this dress for Christmas. I think it was the girliest I've ever been, I practically jumped up and down and went around showing everyone what was in the box (it was not Gwyneth Paltrow's head or a theoretical cat).

This, this is the dress. 
Monica by my perennial favorite Pinup Girl Clothing. 
hot right? Yeah the dress isn't bad either!
This dress is a DREAM. It's made of a stretch jersey fabric which normally doesn't lend itself well to girls with curves where we don't necessarily want them but one of the magical things about this dress is that it's lined in bengaline from the bust to mid-thigh, which essentially functions as a slip and built in shapewear. 

 Turns out this particular shade of  red  is the perfect shade of red for my skin tone. It's incredibly flattering and I always get a ton of compliments when I wear it. 

It's comfy, stretchy and you don't even really need to wear shapewear underneath if you don't want to. But it's me so of course I do. In the below photos I'm wearing an Orchard Corset CS-426 longline, underbust corset which works wonderfully under dresses and is a very affordable corset, especially for corset newbies. 

As you can see, the corset helps kick the dress up a notch and makes the dress fit spectacularly. I don't think I'll ever wear this dress without a corset on underneath ever again. I am wearing the dress in a 2XL although I think I could probably fit into an Xl due to the generous, stretchy fabric.

As usual I am impressed with the high quality fabrics and the attention to detail that make PUG dresses worth every single penny. These dresses are made to last! 

I cannot tell you enough how much I love this dress. Seriously. Like, I never want to take it off. 

One thing to note - I accidentally threw it in the wash and about had a heart attack due to the dry clean only label, but I discovered that if you machine wash it and line dry the dress, it holds up just fine *whew* However I'd still recommend getting it dry cleaned just to be safe. 

Now that I have one, I want more. This dress comes in so many beautiful colorways! That's another thing to love about PUG is that they not only offer beautifully made clothes, they come in several colors and most of them come in sizes up to a 4XL which is awesome. 

All photos are from the PUG site, they certainly know how to showcase their products and damn those models are GORGEOUS.