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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review - my current favorite moisturizer

First a bit about my skin. It's very dry but with an oily nose, incredibly sensitive, and wildly uneven in tone and texture. I have very red skin too which surprises some people, because I almost never go into public barefaced. 

When I discovered Sephora many years back, it was like the angels came down from heaven to show me the light. One of my favorite things ever about this chain of stores is that in addition to having a huge selection of items, they are always happy to give you samples which allows you to try the products before you buy. And the samples aren't your normal, barely enough to even have one full use but they usually last 4-6 applications depending on the product. This is extremely beneficial for someone like myself, whose skin likes to break out when trying almost anything new, and for people on a budget as they only sell what is considered "Department Store" or "Luxury" brands vs "Drugstore" brands like Neutrogena and Cetaphil. 

Most of my life it's been problematic at best to find moisturizer that actually moisturizes, isn't greasy but is still emollient, that doesn't turn me into the Human Pimple, and that makes my skin look and feel good. I've basically been searching for 20+ years. Add to that the fact that my skin is also aging and that adds another dynamic to finding the right skin cream. I was getting tired of going to Walgreens and randomly selecting products for sensitive skin, for dry skin, for periodic acne breakouts, for daytime, for nighttime. 

Finally I broke down and decided to go spend some real money on myself and try to get a better quality, better tested, and lets be honest here, better marketed and packaged product. Like I said, Sephora gives samples so I talked to one of the friendly gals who worked there, described my skin and it's annoyances and she gave me 4 different samples of face creams to try. 
one of them instantly made me break out, 
one of them made my skin feel taut and too dry
one of them was too greasy
and the last one was JUST RIGHT. 

And of course it's not cheap. BUT it's seriously the best  moisturizer that I have ever used in my life. I can use it daytime and nighttime, it wears well under makeup, it makes my skin feel perfectly moist and other than my monthly hormone related breakout, I haven't broken out at all. I love, love, love this stuff. To me it's worth every single penny. A jar will generally last me 3-4 months even using it twice a day, as you only really need a small amount to thoroughly cover your face and neck. 

As long as they continue to make this cream, I will buy it. I am in love. 

One thing to note - Amazon.com charges a full $20.00 more than Sephora for this exact same item so if you end up ordering online, don't order it from them. 

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