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Friday, July 25, 2014

Ma'am put down the computer and back away from the internet

You know how some parents (allegedly) will limit their childrens TV time? Yeah, well I am going to start limiting my internet time. as a matter of fact, I only have 15 minutes left of my allotted hour for the day.

The constant barrage of negativity, the incessant commentary on other people's lives and how they (or you) are doing it wrong, oh and the unsolicited advice, all of these things have been driving me crazy lately. Well to be honest it's been driving me crazy for a long time but I finally realized what was going on and how to fix it, this past weekend when I spent very little time on the internet. Because as glorious as the internet is, it can also be a really shitty place.

I know a lot of people like to place the blame on social networking, especially Facebook, but unfortunately it's not just social network sites that have this shitty attitude. You see it EVERYWHERE online. In forums, in comments on YouTube, on articles written on various sites, everywhere. I think Facebook is an easy target because it makes the whining, the vitriol, the bullshit, in an easy to read format. I also think that people (myself included) feel like its a great place to share things with your friends and people you find interesting but sometimes you get diarrhea  of the mobile posts and start recording every single step, breath, meal, and problem you deal with.

I'm also putting away/turning off the cell phone more often.

We live in a world of constant contact, you can know what everyone is doing every second, of every day. If you want to get a hold of them you can call or text them and instantly get a response no matter where they are. You remember the days when you had to wait for someone to get off work before you could get in touch with them? Or you had to leave them a message and they would call you back when they got home?

In our world of constant contact it leaves no room for being alone, for being quiet, for learning how to entertain yourself, for learning how to be happy being alone because you never, ever have to be alone. You no longer have to learn manners, you no longer have to learn how to interact with strangers face to face, you no longer have to learn how to be a good friend or even a mediocre friend as long as you remember to hit that like button every once in a while. There are so many things to do and see and read, I just don't want all the distractions anymore.

So yeah, I'm not going to say "I'm taking a break from Facebook" or any of that shit, cause I'm not. I am still going to use the internet as god intended, for cat photos and porn but from now on, I am going to spend less time in the virtual world and more time in the meatspace.

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