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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rago 1294 Open Bottom Girdle

For my first review I am going to talk about my first "real" girdle and still one of my favorites. My Rago 1294 girdle. Simply put, you cannot go wrong with Rago. They have been making shapewear for 65 years and their products are wonderful. They aren't cheap but they're worth every single penny.

The 1294 pictured below, runs around $60 and you can find it for purchase on the Orchard Corset site or on the Secrets in Lace site in a large variety of sizes. You can find it on a lot of other sites too, but those two sites feature some of the best customer service you can get.

 This girdle has extra firm support and features 6 metal tabbed garters. If you plan on wearing the girdle for real (as in daily wear at work or on a long night out on the town) then 6 straps will help your stockings stay up securely and comfortably.

The girdle zips on the side and has hook and eye closures, also on the side which help ensure a smooth finish and a nice clean line especially when you wear wiggle or sheath dresses. One thing to note is that this come up right to the bottom of my bra and I usually will pull the back of my bra down over the top of the girdle.

I only really have one semi-negative thing to say about this girdle and it's that there is some boning on the sides that occasionally pokes into my ribs a bit more than I'd like but I think that has more to do with the way I'm built than the girdle itself.

An added bonus to this girdle is you can actually go to the bathroom without having to completely disrobe. I really love this girdle a lot and I highly recommend it.
another added bonus, it's sexy as hell
On the PJ Scale of Awesome, I'd give it an 8 out of 10.


  1. I just got mine in the post from Amazon and I'm thrilled that it fit. It's on for three hours now and no problem from it at all.
    It's very comfortable though not as comfortable as my Playtex girdles that are now very hard to get. It pulls in my belly a bit more than a Playtex though the Playtex excels at firmly pulling in my bottom.
    However this Ragi 1294 holds me up much better as it's longer. Hey I like the seams that run down along my bottom too.
    And it holds all my organs back where they should be , my doctor tells me, and holds my bottom and belly up doing valuable work for my heart !
    It looks very sophisticated too, very "posh" with all the satin and lace work. The six suspenders hold my nylon stockings up tight - I've always much preferred stockings to tights.
    I just pull my pantees up over it but find they're too scanty to cover this huge girdle. So I'm ordering big knickers, probably bloomers, next to cover it up as it looks "dramatic" to say the least and I don't want anybody fainting if they see it on me by accident! Yes, it's extremely sexy.
    I love it.

  2. months later and now I'm happily trussed up in my Rago every day. I've become a real girdle person now and can't do without the firm support for long. It feels great, does the job and makes me look better than ever.