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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Garter Belt! Stockings! My reviews/recommended products for girls with fat thighs like moi

Recently a friend was asking me about the garter belt and stockings I wear. Due to the fact that I have pretty large upper thighs, stockings can be problematic at best but I have always loved the look so I shopped around and tried a couple of different products and now I have the best possible look and fit for my body shape. 
One of the the primary things I look for when buying a garter belt is that it has 6 straps and metal tabs for the garters. There are a couple of reasons for this but the primary one is that 3 straps on each leg will help your stockings stay up securely through the day and feel more comfortable and the metal tabs will help properly secure the top of the stocking and hold them firmly throughout the day. When I buy garters, it's for wearing not for just for sexy time so that rules out the cheap shit you can buy at Target or the hanky-spanky stores. Due to my size that rules out some of the more expensive places that sell high quality garters but only if you go up to a size 12. (fuck that noise I say) 

I got lucky and found these garters on the Orchard Corset site and I LOVE them. High quality, durable, and  a good selection of  sizes and they are comfortable for wearing all day. This is usually what I wear under my corsets when I go to club actually. 

One of the other highlights for me is the price point. At $16.00 they are way cheaper than a lot of the ones I would find in a regular brick and mortar store and they work great for me. I have gone through several of these because I wear them regularly but they hold up wonderfully and I even machine wash them! 

One side note - on the Orchard Corset site the model is wearing hers way lower than I do, I actually wear mine up high on my waist, due to the material they are made of this garter actually functions as a lightweight girdle which in my mind adds even more value to it. 

And with a garter you must have stockings - Berkshire Queen size stockings 
These Berkshire stockings are my everyday stockings. One of the most important things for me is that I need the NON-STAY UP stockings. Any thigh high that has that silicone lining that is allegedly to help them stay up without a garter tend to give me muffin top thighs and I personally don't like that look. 

The trick is to get stockings like these, that have the smooth, elastic free top that require a garter. This helps smooth out bumpy upper thighs and is infinitely more comfortable. I get these particular stockings in Q2 due to the size of my upper thighs but the Q1 actually fit alright too.

The thing I love most about these stockings is that they are actually made for bigger girls! The most annoying thing about some stocking companies is that the queen sized stockings are just really fucking long instead of being bigger for bigger thighs. 

These particular stockings don't have any sheen to them at all, they are totally matte and one thing you will notice is that they don't have lycra in them like the pantyhose you are used to. This means they can take some getting used to, you may feel like they are falling down or sagging but in reality they aren't. I usually just throw them in a lingerie bag and toss them in the washer and then line dry them and they last me several wearings. 

PS I've seen on other reviews people specifying that they aren't paid or compensated for their reviews so I figured I would add that note too. I don't get paid to use or review these items but that sure would be cool if I did... 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rago 1294 Open Bottom Girdle

For my first review I am going to talk about my first "real" girdle and still one of my favorites. My Rago 1294 girdle. Simply put, you cannot go wrong with Rago. They have been making shapewear for 65 years and their products are wonderful. They aren't cheap but they're worth every single penny.

The 1294 pictured below, runs around $60 and you can find it for purchase on the Orchard Corset site or on the Secrets in Lace site in a large variety of sizes. You can find it on a lot of other sites too, but those two sites feature some of the best customer service you can get.

 This girdle has extra firm support and features 6 metal tabbed garters. If you plan on wearing the girdle for real (as in daily wear at work or on a long night out on the town) then 6 straps will help your stockings stay up securely and comfortably.

The girdle zips on the side and has hook and eye closures, also on the side which help ensure a smooth finish and a nice clean line especially when you wear wiggle or sheath dresses. One thing to note is that this come up right to the bottom of my bra and I usually will pull the back of my bra down over the top of the girdle.

I only really have one semi-negative thing to say about this girdle and it's that there is some boning on the sides that occasionally pokes into my ribs a bit more than I'd like but I think that has more to do with the way I'm built than the girdle itself.

An added bonus to this girdle is you can actually go to the bathroom without having to completely disrobe. I really love this girdle a lot and I highly recommend it.
another added bonus, it's sexy as hell
On the PJ Scale of Awesome, I'd give it an 8 out of 10.

in which PJ reviews stuff

I get asked a lot about the girdles I use, the stockings I buy, the shapewear I wear on a daily basis. Thing is, I'm not a small girl and it may surprise you to find out that it is actually *really* hard to find shapewear and girdles in my size. Since I get asked these questions fairly often and these are items that I use on a daily basis I figured I'd start sharing my thoughts and reviews of these products. So yeah...