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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

rant and also a brief thanks to you parents out there

I saw an article today titled "Tips for raising well-rounded girls in a princess dominated world" and I will admit to feeling annoyed even before reading the article. I suppose I didn't even need to read it since I have no spawn and never intend on spawning but my curiosity was piqued so I gave it a shot. 

So yeah...

While not as bad as some of the other articles I've read it still annoys me for several reasons. I just don't understand the princess hatred. I'm just sayin, you can raise a smart, self sufficient, independent girl who also happens to like the color pink and being a princess. I'm a perfect fucking example of that.  

The one part that really got under my skin? "
  • Attitude is all: Express a lot of enthusiasm about the choices for your daughter that excite you." and I think the reason it bugs me is because it's making it about the parent and not the child. Like trying to get your kid to like what you want them to like, to brainwash them. Maybe I am reading too much into it but unfortuantely I've seen those parents. The dance moms, the pageant moms, the moms who live vicariously through their children and it makes me fucking sad to see it. 

 But then all of a sudden I remembered what the internet is for. Its for telling people they are living their lives wrong, making the wrong choices, having the wrong sex, watching the wrong shows, believing the wrong things, raising their kids wrong, having the wrong kind of relationships and everything else that they do wrong. Oh and for giving people common sense advice "want to quit tripping on your shoelaces? Have you tried tying them, it will change your life!" and telling them what they should be doing instead of what they are actually doing. 

You know what people? Raise your fucking kids the way you think is best, the same as our parents raised us and their parents raised them. People make mistakes (even parents) and it's not a matter of what mistakes you've made but how you approach them and fix them. Let your kid be themselves, teach them manners, teach them respect but if they want to be a fucking princess, let them be a princess. 

PS I'm glad I don't have kids. Seriously, you parents don't have an easy time of things and I appreciate what you do. 

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