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Sunday, February 23, 2014

I went and saw the National Theatre production of "Coriolanus" starring the obscenely hot Tom Hiddleston. Seriously. Like the hottest ever. The eyes, the cheekbones, the smile... well you know. And on top of all his glorious good looks, he's a hell of a talented actor and seems like genuinely nice guy. Did I mention how hot he is? BRB
Ima gonna leave this here...

The production of "Coriolanus" was just as good as I expected it to be given that it was a National Theatre Live production. The spare sets and the small cast of actors really cast the focus on story, on the actors and their performances and it should come as no surprise that the cast was PHENOMENAL.

The one who had some of the wittiest lines? Mr. Mark Gatiss aka Mycroft Holmes aka  "I write for Sherlock and Doctor Who and oh yeah, I was part of The League of Gentlemen" Yeah that guy. One of my favorite bits

"Menenius: I am known to be a humorous patrician, and one that loves a cup of hot wine with not a drop of allaying water in it. One that converses more with the buttock of the night than with the forehead of the morning. What I think I utter, and spend my malice in my breath."

One of the annoying bits? The audience was JAM PACKED with women who were there just to see Mr. Sexy Pants, or in this case Mr. Sexy Sometimes with NO Pants. A part of me can understand that, because yum but if you aren't into Shakespeare it can be a bumpy ride sometimes. Coriolanus is by no means his most complex play to follow, it's a simple story without any subplots and to be honest it's not my favorite play ever but with the right cast, it's definitely entertaining to watch. Some of these women during the intermission were complaining that they couldn't understand what was going on and that the language coupled with the accents made it impossible for them to know what was going on. Um ladies? spoiler alert, play has been out for oh, 400 years and you can read the quick and easy synopsis on Ye Olde Interwebs so that it is easier to follow. Shit, I do that for operas that I'm not familiar with or even movies that come from a rich background that I know nothing about. It doesn't hurt to do a bit of research once in awhile. (and yes, I will admit that I * might* be a bit snobby, just a bit)

The other annoying thing? There is a scene where Coriolanus and his enemy/now friend Aufidius kiss to seal the deal they just made. No shit, about half the theatre made disgusted noises. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? They kissed to seal a deal, this is what was done historically and has no homoerotic overtones at all. Besides that? What is wrong with two super hot guys kissing? No really, what is wrong with that? It's okay for people to see two girls kissing or a hetero couple kissing but as soon as two guys kiss, THAT'S what you have a problem with? There wasn't even tongue (well there was in my mind because yeah....) but people actually groaned. Shut the fuck up and get over it.

*end rant*

Whew, okay back on track.

SO the crux of this blabbering is, National Theatre Live productions are fantastic, I got to see Danny Boyle's Frankenstein with Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch and now Coriolanus with my bf Tom Hiddleston. Next one in my queue? "King Lear"

"I have seen better faces in my time,
Than stands on any shoulder that I see
Before me at this instant."
Kent, Scene II

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  1. My sentiments exactly here, on all points. So really, I have nothing to add, but felt the need to say so anyway. *laugh*