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Sunday, February 9, 2014

I have a plan, and it's as hot as my tights!

I've already formulated a plan for 2015. 

Well at least I have one plan. 

Okay maybe two plans. 

1. Go to DragonCon. This is an annual plan but I always add it to my list because it helps me with budgeting and planning for my PTO and whatnot. 

2. Go to Europe. Not sure where yet since I basically want to go everywhere over there. I mean, it is where the history comes from after all.  This is something Mr. S and I have talked about several times and for a long time it seemed out of reach for me. Between paying for the passport, the cost of flights, hotel, etc. I have long assumed I couldn't afford it. Well about that... I will have my car paid off before the end of this year. I've been working really hard with budgeting and paying bills and getting caught up and I realized that if I start saving now not only should I be able to go to DragonCon this year and next year I should be able to save enough to go overseas. I want to. A lot. And we all know, I always get what I want. 

So here it is, in writing to remind me. 

Next year it's ON. 

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