"I want to be my own design" Clive Barker - Imajica

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I went and saw the National Theatre production of "Coriolanus" starring the obscenely hot Tom Hiddleston. Seriously. Like the hottest ever. The eyes, the cheekbones, the smile... well you know. And on top of all his glorious good looks, he's a hell of a talented actor and seems like genuinely nice guy. Did I mention how hot he is? BRB
Ima gonna leave this here...

The production of "Coriolanus" was just as good as I expected it to be given that it was a National Theatre Live production. The spare sets and the small cast of actors really cast the focus on story, on the actors and their performances and it should come as no surprise that the cast was PHENOMENAL.

The one who had some of the wittiest lines? Mr. Mark Gatiss aka Mycroft Holmes aka  "I write for Sherlock and Doctor Who and oh yeah, I was part of The League of Gentlemen" Yeah that guy. One of my favorite bits

"Menenius: I am known to be a humorous patrician, and one that loves a cup of hot wine with not a drop of allaying water in it. One that converses more with the buttock of the night than with the forehead of the morning. What I think I utter, and spend my malice in my breath."

One of the annoying bits? The audience was JAM PACKED with women who were there just to see Mr. Sexy Pants, or in this case Mr. Sexy Sometimes with NO Pants. A part of me can understand that, because yum but if you aren't into Shakespeare it can be a bumpy ride sometimes. Coriolanus is by no means his most complex play to follow, it's a simple story without any subplots and to be honest it's not my favorite play ever but with the right cast, it's definitely entertaining to watch. Some of these women during the intermission were complaining that they couldn't understand what was going on and that the language coupled with the accents made it impossible for them to know what was going on. Um ladies? spoiler alert, play has been out for oh, 400 years and you can read the quick and easy synopsis on Ye Olde Interwebs so that it is easier to follow. Shit, I do that for operas that I'm not familiar with or even movies that come from a rich background that I know nothing about. It doesn't hurt to do a bit of research once in awhile. (and yes, I will admit that I * might* be a bit snobby, just a bit)

The other annoying thing? There is a scene where Coriolanus and his enemy/now friend Aufidius kiss to seal the deal they just made. No shit, about half the theatre made disgusted noises. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? They kissed to seal a deal, this is what was done historically and has no homoerotic overtones at all. Besides that? What is wrong with two super hot guys kissing? No really, what is wrong with that? It's okay for people to see two girls kissing or a hetero couple kissing but as soon as two guys kiss, THAT'S what you have a problem with? There wasn't even tongue (well there was in my mind because yeah....) but people actually groaned. Shut the fuck up and get over it.

*end rant*

Whew, okay back on track.

SO the crux of this blabbering is, National Theatre Live productions are fantastic, I got to see Danny Boyle's Frankenstein with Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch and now Coriolanus with my bf Tom Hiddleston. Next one in my queue? "King Lear"

"I have seen better faces in my time,
Than stands on any shoulder that I see
Before me at this instant."
Kent, Scene II

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

time to decide

The way I see it, I have two options in front of me right now.

1. Make peace with my weight, realize that if I don't change anything I will stay about this weight and it will directly affect the clothes in my closet as well as the clothes I want to buy. Realize that even though I'm healthy at this weight, that if I gain more weight it could affect my health and I could of course always end up back where I was. Because it would be so very easy to just let shit slide. To just eat fast food, eat too much food, sit on my ass and watch TV, go to bed early, get up late, feel tired, have my knees hurt... I could very easily go back to looking like this


2. I could make an effort. I could stop making excuses like "I'm too tired" or "I don't feel well so I will just do better tomorrow" I've already been improving my diet, eating at home more, cooking instead of eating out, I can make better choices when I do go out to eat, I can man up and start walking again. I can find my motivation again. I can focus. I can look like this again

One is the decidedly easier route. The other one will take some effort.

Guess which one I've picked?

Time to put my money where my mouth is and make this shit happen.


As of today I weigh 225 lbs. Done with that. As a measure of accountability and for tracking purposes I am going to post updates, here publicly. Follow along, or don't, either way I'm going to do it. Because I got shit to do and miles to go before I sleep.

Going for a walk, BRB.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I do not think that word means what you think it means - Part 2

This word gets thrown around so much that it's almost lost all meaning. It really aggravates me when people say "That was the worst day of my life" or "That was the worst thing that has ever happened to me" 

Really? The worst huh? I do not think that word means what you think it means. Bad day, ok I will give you that. Shitty day even, but worst day? Think about it right now, what is the actual worst day of your life so far? Was it they day your flight got delayed? The day you were late to work or dealt with random creeper at the club? If that was your worst day, then you've been pretty lucky so far... 


  [wurst]  Show IPA
adjective superl. of bad and ill.
bad or ill in the highest, greatest, or most extreme degree: the worst person.
most faulty, unsatisfactory, or objectionable: the worst paper submitted.
most unfavorable or injurious.
in the poorest condition: the worst house on the block.
most unpleasant, unattractive, or disagreeable: the worst personality I've ever known.

I'm just going to leave this here...

I have a plan, and it's as hot as my tights!

I've already formulated a plan for 2015. 

Well at least I have one plan. 

Okay maybe two plans. 

1. Go to DragonCon. This is an annual plan but I always add it to my list because it helps me with budgeting and planning for my PTO and whatnot. 

2. Go to Europe. Not sure where yet since I basically want to go everywhere over there. I mean, it is where the history comes from after all.  This is something Mr. S and I have talked about several times and for a long time it seemed out of reach for me. Between paying for the passport, the cost of flights, hotel, etc. I have long assumed I couldn't afford it. Well about that... I will have my car paid off before the end of this year. I've been working really hard with budgeting and paying bills and getting caught up and I realized that if I start saving now not only should I be able to go to DragonCon this year and next year I should be able to save enough to go overseas. I want to. A lot. And we all know, I always get what I want. 

So here it is, in writing to remind me. 

Next year it's ON. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Celebrity Encounters

A funny thing happens at DragonCon....

A lot of the guests wander around the con and just hang out, at the bars, on the smoking patios, sometimes in costume as one of their favorite characters.Until I went to DragonCon I'd never really been in a social situation where I could potentially meet a performer that I admire (and/or have the hots for) and actually have a real conversation with them without having to pay them for their time.

*I've walked past Brent Spiner while leaving my hotel room, I looked over, waved and said "Hey how's it going?" cool as can be, to which he smiled and said "Hi, great how about you?" some other simple small talk was made and only when I was safely ensconced on the elevator did I go fan girl with my friend saying "OMG THAT WAS BRENT SPINER!"

*I was outside one of the hotels smoking a cigarette when I spotted Doc Hammer (who is really unfairly good looking) and I turned to my friend and said "oh Doc Hammer! I'd love to meet him but I dunno..." to which my friend replied with the best answer ever "PJ, it's YOU. Since when have you had a hard time talking to strangers" *laugh* I proceeded to approach him and ended up talking to him for about 20 minutes. Turned out he was staying in the same hotel and on the same floor as we were and every time I ran into him for the rest of the convention he always said hi and chatted with me. He is also the ONLY one I've ever gotten a picture with and of course I'm all fan girl in the photo although I swear I wasn't that fawning when we were talking. At least I like to think I wasn't...

yup, total fan girl. Also it's nice to be in a photo with someone who makes me look so tan by comparison!
And this past years encounter has been my favorite so far and anyone who actually reads this blog has probably already heard it more than once but whatever this is my blog and I do what I want.

*Picture it, Atlanta 5 AM outside the Hilton Hotel. EVERYONE has been, or is, currently drinking. I'm smoking a cigarette when I spot a girl I had met a day earlier. Not even thinking about it I stroll over and introduce myself to the two guys she was with, Chris and Dominic. Christopher Judge from SG-1 and Dominic Keating from Enterprise. I stood around chatting with them for a good hour. Hilarity was had. Dominic "tested a theory" and stuck his wine glass between my boobs to see if would stay unassisted. It did. I made him stuttery and blushy when I half jokingly asked him what floor he was on. Those Brits are so adorable. And my favorite moment? When they were all leaving to go into the hotel I ran up behind giant Christopher Judge, smacked him on the ass and said "go get you some!" he turned, raised an eyebrow at me and laughed.

Good times, good times.

The moral of the story I guess is that sometimes it really can pay off to not be scared to talk to strangers and even I can be surprised by my ability to keep my cool around people that I want to fawn over.

PS- I did pay to get my photo with Jason Momoa, cause Jason Momoa. While I didn't totally fan girl out when I shook his hand, he looked me in the eyes and said "You're very pretty" I kicked my feet like a little kid and said "You're very pretty too" hahahah

Several friends commented on my look of self restraint in the photo. I admit I was sorely tempted to grab his fine ass. But I didn't. Alas