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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It was a banner year at the Sparrow household this year

This was a good damned year for the Sparrow household. I've been working really hard and it paid off.

Mr. S, Heidicat and I moved into our own little house in January. We like this house so much we are going to stay here another year.

I got to go on a trip of firsts with my BFF. First time on a real road trip, first time to visit Arizona and California, first time seeing the ocean and the best part is that I spent 11 days in a car with a friend and we are still friends. I got to see Hearst Castle, The Getty, I spotted the Griffith Observatory from the road, I got to go to a taping of the Craig Ferguson show, it was a pretty awesome trip.

I got a promotion (who is your boss now, bitches!) and the opportunity to take over a team that I think is super important but that had been sorta pushed to the side, I was and still am excited to show what my team and I can accomplish.

ERMAHGERD DRAGONCON. Every year better and better. I even got to talk to Dominic Keating from Enterprise and smack Christopher Judge on the ass, not to mention a hilarious conversation with this Asian and this Australian outside of the Hilton. Sometimes it pays to be a social instigator.

All of the things that happened this year and in previous years stem from my hard work and determination and the support and love of my friends and family. I've worked really hard to get where I am and I genuinely appreciate everything in my life. Family, friends, co-workers and even Heidicat. Without these components I wouldn't be where I am and I wouldn't be headed where I am headed.

 Life, it is fucking good and I am grateful every day for the awesomeness that is my life.

So thanks for being a friend and here is hoping that your year has been kickass and that your next year is even better. *MWAH*

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