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Friday, July 26, 2013


So last night I asked for advice on how to get up early (before 730 in my case) consistently and almost without fail everyone suggested setting a routine and sticking to it.

It got me thinking. All of the things that have been bugging me lately, my weight, my sleep patterns, my slovenly (for me at least) home, the fact that I don't style my hair or wear "enough" makeup at work. All boil down to a routine. And all of these things help make for a much happier and healthier PJ.

Something I used to be so good at and something I let slide for far too long.



I need to get back on the wagon and quit slacking

1.Start cooking at home more often and quit being lazy about it
2. Get back on track with cleaning a bit every day and having a morning on the weekend with coffee and cleaning. I like that shit.
3. Start walking again, I like it I just haven't been doing it enough
4. Start getting up early enough to actually do my hair and apply more than the bare minimum of makeup
5. Put my damned laundry away as I am doing it. I am really good about Mr.S's laundry and getting it put away, now to get better about doing it for myself.

All of these things combined will definitely improve my mood, my house, myself.

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