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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hemlock Grove so yeah...

So I watched the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove. All 13 episodes. Here are my gut reactions

quit trying so hard to be like Twin Peaks
that boy would be a lot prettier if he cut his hair, wait when did I become THAT old lady?
wait, she glows? um...
an angel? yeah I betcha it's _________ that knocked her up
oh that could be interesting... oh, wait. No.
Honey, you should probably go back to modeling
Oh hey, it's that dude from Space: Above and Beyond!
man Famke Janssen's accent is BAD
ok, the werewolf transformation was pretty sweet
um, you don't really need to do ALL OF THE THINGS here...
oh Kandyse McClure, why is that I always want you to die when I see you on a TV show?
really? really? That's how you are going to end it? *sigh*

yeah, this show was a MESS but I stuck with it. Maybe if they hadn't tried SO hard, maybe if they hadn't tried to cram in all the things at once. I have to wonder if the book this is based on is such a mess too?

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