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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Road Trippin'

Growing up I never went on a road trip, my mom had gone on many road trips when she was a kid and as a result she hated road trips as an adult therefore I didn't go on one single road trip growing up. The closest I ever came was going from Colorado Springs to Denver so she could go to yarn stores that were different than the ones we had in the Springs.

As an adult I've gone on a couple of road trips but for the most part they have all been with a specific destination in mind and a specific deadline to get there. No meandering, no going off the main roads to see what might be out there, not really getting a chance to see the sights and enjoy the drive.

Also? I've never seen an ocean.

People always go "OMG HOW HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN AN OCEAN?!!!" and freak out on me about it. I have to remind them of a couple of facts

1. Grew up without a lot of money and didn't have the money to travel
2. Mom didn't like to go places
3. Grew up in Colorado, not a lot of ocean around here
4. Didn't even get a chance to leave the state until I was 17 and that was to go rafting in Utah, with school

So this summer I'm finally going on a road trip. A real road trip. 11 days with my friend who goes on a road trip every year and enjoys driving and seeing whats out there to be seen. We have a destination in mind (California) and an idea of when we want to be there. There are even certain activities and places that we are planning on going to but I'm really looking forward to the drive itself. This will be my first time west of Vegas, my first time seeing an ocean, my first time in California and any number of other firsts that I am sure will happen.

It's not the destination that counts, it's the journey. 

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