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Monday, February 4, 2013

Perfect Day

I've been thinking a lot about what a perfect day would be for me. Mostly because we just moved and I’ve been dealing with packing and cleaning the old place,  cleaning and unpacking at the new place, taking care of my cat, taking care of Mr. S (to an extent at least, he is an adult after all! *laugh*). Basically just being a responsible adult and making sure that EVERYTHING is taken care of.

I want a day off. I know this doesn't happen in the real world but I was thinking about what a perfect day off would consist of and what would make me happy.

I can sleep in
I don’t have to drive ANYWHERE
Someone else either prepares or brings me food and cleans up after the meals
I don’t have to get dressed for most of the day but I get to decide if I go and get dressed up to go out
I still don’t have to drive
Reading in a comfy chair
Red wine
Sex (duh! Can’t have a perfect day without that *laugh* well at least I can't)
More naps
More wine

Basically a day with no worries, no stress, no anxiety just fun and relaxation .

Just a day where someone else takes care of me. Taking care of other shit so I don’t have to.

I know this is an ad for BBC but it is probably my new favorite version of this song -  Lou Reed! Skye Edwards!  David Bowie! Joan Armatrading! Laurie Anderson! Tammy Wynette and even Shane McGowan. 

What would you include in your perfect day? 

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