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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I've been around the block, once or maybe twice

No, I am not talking about being a slut. That's a post for another time.

I am talking about roommates, I have had quite a few for my tender years (SHUDDUP) and it's interesting looking back and comparing and contrasting the different people I've lived with and the issues I've had with them and with myself.

Growing up I wasn't used to having anyone but my mom around so when I moved in with my first roommate it was a bit of a culture shock. I had to get used to someone I don't really know being around and dealing with their idiosyncrasies and living style. I've learned over the years the things I can compromise on and the things I can't. The things that drive me up the wall and the things I can blow off. I've had good roommates and bad roommates and ones in between. I started thinking of all the random bullshit and overall I've been pretty lucky because I've never had a hellish roommate, just ones that I was incompatible with.

I've had roommates who didn't take care of their pets (sadly more than one, what the hell?), roommates who never cleaned up after themselves both in their rooms (which I didn't care about since its their living space) and in the public areas, roommates who made messes and then got mad when I didn't clean up their messes, roommates who I didn't even want to talk to after we moved away from each other, roommates who after living together I decided that I didn't want them to have any part in my life. I have had roommates that I haven't talked to once since we quit living with each other and others who I am still friends with.

I started thinking about all of this recently because Mr. S and I have been looking for a house to rent for just the two of us. I've been living with roommates for the last 3-4 years and while some of it has been awesome and some of it not so much, I am very much looking forward to having my own living space again. I have come to realize that with roommates I never quite feel like its my living space as much as their own. I am very much looking forward to Mr. S and I having our own place with our things and it being OUR home.

Not much longer now...

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