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Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life

I had a really good weekend.
No, an excellent weekend.

Just the highlights
Saw Deviant UK for the first time since 2009 and it was AWESOME
Met the guys from Carved Souls and For All The Emptiness and they were all incredibly nice
Hung out on the tour bus with all of the bands and talk about Black Adder and EastEnders with Jay and Cheryl
Not only did I get to see Mr. S perform as Synapse, I got to see him playing keys with Deviant UK since he is on tour with them
Spent more time with Mr. S than I had originally anticipated due to a slight scheduling change
Got Santiago's for all of the bands before they left Saturday morning, can't have them leave Denver without having Santiago's!
Getting ready for Halloween shenanigans with my friends
Wearing a pretty elaborate costume for the first time in years and feeling really good in it

Cocktail party and club shenanigans
Staying up till dawn drinking wine and listening to music and generally having Bro Time with my dear friends
Dysfunctional Family Dinner Theatre
Sleeping in my own bed with my kitteh

All of these moments and so many more serve to remind me that life is good and it's fun and it makes me genuinely appreciate and love the people in my life. I have it awfully good.

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