"I want to be my own design" Clive Barker - Imajica

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Health Insurance is a wonderful thing

So after 7 long years I finally have health insurance again and there was much rejoicing.

Oh don't get me wrong, my old jobs offered insurance but the cost was prohibitive so I just got used to not going to a doctor and not having health insurance. It's not a good way to live. I made one ER trip in all those years and it ended up costing me 1500+ even after applying for assistance.  Thank god for payment arrangements.

Well now I have affordable health care and I'm stoked about it. I've been sick off and on for the last 2 weeks or so and I know Capt. Tripps is going around so I thought to myself "fuck it, I am going to the doctor tomorrow" It's so sad that I am this genuinely excited about being able to have the basic ability to go to a doctor when I am not feeling well and not have to pay an exorbitant amount to do it. The doctor I am going to is someone I've been to before and who accepts patients without insurance at a pretty decent rate but it is still than what I could usually afford. This shouldn't be that big of a deal but insurance can be so damned expensive.

I don't understand people who have insurance, especially the uber awesome mega insurance, who never use it. They stay sick, they linger for far longer than should be necessary just because they don't want to go to the doctor. Look going to the doctor isn't fun, I am not a fan and it's been so long since I have had a regular doctor I almost don't remember what it is like but seriously, if you have it, USE IT. Take care of yourself.

You are the only you you get.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

the thought counts, more than you will ever know

They say it's the thought that counts
and I'd have to agree
having someone think of you
paying you simple courtesies
saying thank you
showing their appreciation for you in the smallest ways
The littlest of things can mean so much to people
All it takes is a second
a thought
and you can make someones day

I was talking with a friend the other night who told me how much it meant to them that I bought them a drink on their birthday, such a simple act and yet it meant a lot to him.

Little things
Simple things
It doesn't take a lot to make someones day
It doesn't take a lot of effort to make someone happy

Cheap trinkets that remind you of someone
A thank you
A genuine compliment
Random notes with love yous on them
A kiss when they think you are sleeping
Asking if you need anything when they are going somewhere

Little things
Simple things
Make the effort
Spend the time
Make others happy

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dcon wrap up 2012

another year down, another set of memories made, another set of stories that I'll never tell but here are some highlights

*Seeing John Rhys Davies wearing a 3 piece suit in Hotlanta, being somber and yet playful as only he can, chatting up some kids waiting in line

*walking past James Callis on the Skywalk and not realizing it was him until he was past me

*having a total stranger with the longest legs and nicest ass ever tell me I'm stunning

*getting to use the line "come here young Padawan" in the most hilariously inappropriate circumstances ever

*trying to teach a puppy how to play with the big dogs

*Seeing C&J

*meeting all sorts of wonderful new acquaintances

*Archer panel, Amber Nash and Lucky Yates are just as hilarious in the meat space as they are on the TV

*walking back to the room with Mr. S after a long night of hanging out with friends and general hi-jinks, and having the gaggle of stereotypical gamer guys stop and comment "see that magic that is happening behind us? That isn't happening to us, and that's why our con sucks"

*standing there gawking at how pretty Ian Somerhalder is and then remembering that episode of SVU he is was in...

*wonderful food and fellowship at Alma Cocina

*balcony cigarette breaks where truths were told and secrets kept

*seeing not one but TWO guys dressed as Rimmer from Red Dwarf! And having one of them state prior to photo taking "wait, let me look smug for this"

*getting Grant Imahara's autograph AND a picture of him with a guy dressed as Geoff Peterson. He is Geoff's daddy after all!

*realizing that the friends I have chosen to surround myself with are some of the most amazing people I've ever known and trying to come with terms that they actually see the person not the potential and they still chose to be around me. (I'm trying Ringo, I'm trying)

*being a helpful helper

*getting my picture taken with Jason Momoa and having him tell me I'm pretty. JASON MOMOA Y'ALL

see you next year