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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

They say it's your birthday...

my birthday is coming up. Well sorta, since it's not actually until September 14th but it's getting closer and closer with every passing day. And you know what else is getting closer? DragonCon! That my dear friends is my birthday present to myself and I cannot freaking wait. I started to compile a list of all the random accouterment that I need prior to leaving that Thursday before Labor Day and the panic started to set in. Although most of the things I need are small and inexpensive they sure add up and a girls got to eat!

I was discussing this with a friend and they suggested asking the people who would normally give me birthday gifts to make their gifts something I need for my trip. A wish list of sorts. What a fantastic idea! I don't *need* a lot of things and my family is usually pretty awesome about getting me useful gifts that I also may not always buy for myself.

for example -
stockings in black, size Q2
these are my absolute favorite by the way for my other lady friends who have big ol thighs-

a new girdle in black, size 3XL or 36"
the most comfortable thing I've ever owned, so sad when it finally died.

a new pair of walkin' shoes in black size 9
mine disappeared awhile back *sadface*
and yes I know they are Crocs and I am moderately embarrassed by that in and of itself but quite honestly these shoes were a lifesaver when I went to D*con in 2010. The fact that they are comfortable to wear ALL day and that I can just wash them out... someone find me a different brand that works as well and I'd be happy try them too.

summer dresses
Gotta have something to wear around during the day and we all know I won't be wearing pants!
something like these ones
their size 46 - http://www.chicstar.com/storefront/listproducts.aspx?Plus-Size-Archaize-Polka-dot-Dress&id=9226 or http://www.chicstar.com/storefront/listproducts.aspx?Plus-size-Retro-Polka-Dot-Swing-Dress&id=9672 or http://www.chicstar.com/storefront/listproducts.aspx?Plus-Size-Rockabilly-Polka-Dot-Halter-Dress&id=7592

oh and I want this just cause
http://www.chicstar.com/storefront/listproducts.aspx?Plus-Size-Fishtail-Ruffles-Skirt&id=10405 (I forgot how cute their clothes are!)

my mini wish list such as it is...

No matter what though, I will be prepared.

By hook or by crook.

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