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Monday, July 16, 2012


best friends forever, in case you weren't sure what that meant. But what does it *really* mean? What makes someone your best friend?

Growing up we had those split heart necklaces where one half was yours and the other half went to your best friend to show the world just how good of friends you were. What it inevitably seemed to do was make your other friends feel alienated and somehow slighted. At least that is what I always saw among my own friends who chose to publicly elevate one friend to be the Alpha among all of their friends. What I really want to talk about is friendship and what it means to me and question what it means to you.

Friendship, true friendship is much like a romantic relationship in my opinion. Mutual likes, dislikes, interests, the ability to appreciate and understand each other's crazy and the willingness to listen to one another kvetch. The willingness and ability to bring up the other person even when you are feeling down, the willingness to sit and listen and know that there are times when you can't do a damn thing to make them feel better. Knowing that you can call on them for help when needed. All of these things and more define true friendship to me. So many other aspects are undefinable, subjective things that perhaps only really matter to me.

There are also as many ways to prove that you are true friend to people. Listening when they talk, genuinely giving a shit about what is going on in their lives, being there for them when they need you or even when they don't. Being respectful of their space and time, making an effort to see them or spend time with them or even just stay in contact with them.

Back to the original topic, what makes someone your "best" friend? What is it that elevates one friend over another? I know that I have a select few friends who I would call if I ever needed help with anything, I have a few friends that I know I can talk to about anything including but not limited to my own dumb girl moments.  People that I trust to tell me when I've done something stupid and who trust me to admit it to them and myself when I've fucked something up. I love these people dearly and recently I have discovered that I am blessed with more of these people than I even realized. I am lucky for sure and I appreciate these people more than they will ever know and I will endeavor not to ever take our relationships for granted. 

I don't know that I would use the term best friend but I am definitely closer to some than others. 

Now my question for you is - what do YOU consider makes someone a best friend or do you use the term best friend?  Does it feel juvenile for you to use that term like it makes me feel or is it something else?

Inquiring minds want to know. 

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