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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something extraordinary happened on the way to Austin

I witnessed something extraordinary recently.

There was a festival scheduled to happen the last week of April in Austin, TX. Mr. S's band Synapse was scheduled to play on Saturday night and Uncle Shitty was doing A/V for the outside stage. I had him all packed and ready to depart when all of a sudden we got a phone call from Ritual telling us that he thought the festival was canceled. This was on Wednesday. The festival was due to start on Friday. What the fuck? Mr. S immediately jumped on the phone and contacted some of the people in the bands that had been scheduled to play Terrorbyte and all of a sudden a new plan was born.

A lot of the artists were already travelling to Austin, a lot of fans had flights and hotels booked, why not take advantage of the fact that these people will already be there and make some shit happen? We posted an event on Facebook called Terrorbit to try to help coordinate people who were still willing to perform or who were interested in salvaging what we could. After about 5 hours on the phone, Mr. S in combination with a handful of people in Austin and San Antonio, pulled a whole new festival out of the air.

New venues were lined up, people were volunteering left and right to play for free, to donate funds to cover flights for the artists whose flights had been canceled. It was amazing to watch the TX scene pull together. Everyone was excited and just wanted to make a show happen despite all the wanton jackassery surrounding the original festival and it's subsequent cancellation.

While the festival came together I couldn't help but wonder how it was actually going to turn out. It's easy to talk a big game about pulling together and it's a whole different thing to make it actually happen. I got messages from the Synapse crew letting me know that people had made Terrorbit posters, that there was a packed house at Elysium Saturday night, that everyone was still really excited about the entire event. By all accounts the new festival went off fantastically.

The Terrorbit poster - blurry but you get the point.

That is what is extraordinary. Not only did people pull together to salvage what would have been a total shitshow, they pulled it off and had a fantastic time.


I have wondered on occasion if the fractious Denver scene would be able to pull together to do something like this. I'd like to say yes they could. And maybe it's possible.

Just maybe.

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  1. It's easy to feel jaded in your own scene. But, in the case of Austin, this core group of people were facing national...nay, international...embarrassment. 24 hours before a fest and it's canceled because somebody's poor weetle panties were twisted in a wad?!

    I'm fairly certain that, if this same thing - with the same kind of promotion - happened in Denver, we'd rally.

    Go Team Austin! And Go Synapse! I'm proud of all of you.

    But I'm proud of Denver too.