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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have a foolproof cure for that

It amuses me how there are certain things that when you talk about it, either in the meat space or on the facepage, you always get advice on how to handle it. Things like diet, insomnia and sickness....

It is inevitable that when you post about insomnia people post about melatonin and drinking water and not drinking water and sleep masks and lavender and white noise and any and all sorts of remedies. From the mundane to the ridiculous. Sadly I never wrote down any gems that I've received over the last 10+ years that I've been dealing with my own sleep issues.

You mention that you want to start eating healthy or want to lose weight and all of a sudden there are a flurry of responses like "Oh I did X diet and it was awesome" or "You should try X diet" or "I only eat x and y and I lost a ton of weight" and even the occasional "You don't need to lose weight, you look great already".

The same goes for sickness, you say you have a cold and all of a sudden everyone is a doctor and has the perfect cure for you.

I suppose this is just human nature at work. They know that something worked once for them or that their grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, whoever used to do X and it was a MIRACLE WORKER. Some people just like to tell people what to do *ahem*

Only you knows what works for you. What works for me, won't work for everyone. What works for you, may not work for me.

To each their own but thanks for the opinion.

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