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Saturday, March 31, 2012


When did innocent until proven guilty


guilty until proven innocent?

the media and the populace at large wantonly ruin peoples lives by convicting them in public long before these people have had their day in court. Some of them are guilty, some are not. The ones who aren't go on to live shit lives because of what had been said about them in the media. Even after being legally exonerated they are seen as guilty by Joe Schmo.

just stop it. Were you there? Do you have ALL the evidence in the case? Did you witness it? No? Then stop the judgements and quit convicting people in your head. What if the tables were turned and it was YOU up there.

How would you like it?

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  1. My issue with the Trayvon Martin case in particular is the fact that NOBODY was doing anything until it became an internet sensation. From that, I support wholeheartedly the idea of pressuring everyone until it is put to trial - THEN we let the 12 citizens decide, upon seeing all of the evidence. But nobody feels that they can trust local or national law enforcement to do the right thing at this point - it will take a trial with all of the evidence available to do that. Once that's started, I completely agree - the jurors are the ones with the facts, not that idiot Nancy Grace or anyone else who knows there should be a conviction. But I don't think anyone believes that if the Internet pressure went away tomorrow, "Due Process" would be guaranteed to be followed. There's too much incentive to bury this in the sand for many of the people who already demonstrate compromised integrity where it relates to their legal obligations.