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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

logic versus emotion

I've been thinking about this a LOT lately. Almost obsessing over it even. Been thinking how freaking annoying it is to KNOW one thing down to the core of your being and still have a hard time BELIEVING in the same damned thing. How is it that you can absolutely have no doubt in your mind that fact A is true and yet you still need reassurance or to be told that it is true by an outside source? Is it like this for men too? Are they able to control their emotions and let their logic rule them? Is it a feminine trait to let emotion rule? Seems no matter how hard I try and how much work I do, emotions can and do get the better of me sometimes, even when that little dry voice of logic in my head is telling me that I'm overreacting or being silly. I had a conversation recently that gave me some peace, if for no other reason than knowing that someone I see as being a sane and logical person occasionally has their moments too. At least I know it isn't just me but jeebus this stupid emotion thing is driving me a bit crazy at the moment.

Dr. Soong, can we please turn of that emotion chip now? K THX


  1. yes, guys do get ruled by emotions, it just looks different when it happens. This is actually the result of the way your brain is laid out. Sensory information passes through your limbic system on its way to the frontal cortex, so the hormonal center (read the emotional center) of your brain gets a chance to process information first. How effective each person is in acting based on the input of the frontal cortex depends on how well oiled those neurons are.

    This can be impacted by all sorts of stuff, because if your fight or flight response is triggered, a hormone called cortisone gets released which actually temporarily prevents information from getting to your frontal cortex (an evolutionary trigger, if the lion is chasing you it would be really bad to stop and think about how you should react, so your brain prevents that from happening with this hormone). If the fight or flight response is chronically triggered, it can negatively effect the development of the neural pathways that get information quickly to and from the frontal cortex. In addition, its my belief that women get the short end of the stick, not because of anything inherent physiologically but socially. Because societal expectations encourage women to react emotionally first, I believe that its possible that without encouragement otherwise, women sometimes are slower to develop the pathways that allow the brain to move that specific type of sensory input as rapidly as men, who are encouraged to try to respond in a more logic based manner to negative social input. That being said, there are plenty of guys who have not developed these neural pathways either...

  2. Heard you on the podcast.
    And now I have short little book for you which may be the "a-ha" experience you are looking for. Since it's so difficult to explain how to get out the box you just described above, this author describes how to get into that situation. Sometimes the exact wrong advice is paradox.
    How to Really Piss Yourself Off

  3. Thanks to Trevor, I now think I know why my "moments" have been tapering off over the years. The first step is to realize your reaction is emotional, the second is to change your reaction, and behold! Well-oiled neurons!

    SCIENCE for the WIN!