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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I is happy.

I realized today that I'm pretty darn happy. I had an absolutely wonderful weekend despite the fact that I was sickly.
Got to eat delicious German food at one of my favorite places with Mr. S and his parents,
got to go to a place that makes hard cider (one of my favorite beverages) and taste their wonderful product, seriously if you find any of Colorado Cider Company's product and you like hard cider BUY IT, (it is well worth the moneys in my humble opinion)
Got to go to one of my other favorite restaurants, Kinga's where I got to have tasty Polish food and listen to a party of 14 wish Mr. S a happy birthday
Got to go to the club with Mr. S and the Zen Archer and meet up with many other friends
Got to spend the entire day on Sunday at home in bed with Mr. S, watching movies and relaxing.


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