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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 - part 2

Lea Michele

So this dress totally reminds me of the photos I see of the Latino awards shows. I never know who the people are but the ladies are always in these insane get ups with bad drag makeup. Um yeah, not a good look for you. Unless that is what you are going for?

Angelina Jolie

A lot of people seemed to hate on this look too but I loved it. Love the slashes of red on her lips and the top of her gown. I love the structure of the gown. I just love this look. 

Julie Bowen

I’m apparently the only one who loved her look. So many people are talking shit because Oliva Wilde wore the same dress back in 2008, I realize in that world that is a big deal but come on people that was 4 years ago! In Hollywood dog years that’s like a century. I loved the way she looked, hair, makeup everything and the giant smile she has in every single picture definitely helps. 

Juliana Margulies

Another miss in my opinion. The front of the dress just makes her look like a long vertical line with no curves at all and the color doesn’t do much for beautiful complexion. The back cut out gives the dress some visual interest but not enough to save it for me but I wills say that the earrings she is wearing totally rock. 

Freda Pinto

No, no, no. This dress looks so… stiff. Like you could set it up without her in it and it would stand on its own. It looks itchy. 

Kate Winslet

Always one of my favorites. I think she really knows how to dress her figure and wear things that flatter her. The keyhole neckline = gorgeous! 

Charlize Theron

I think it’d be impossible for her to look bad on the red carpet and for the most part I love this look. A lot of people have made fun of the sparkly head band but I personally love it. Especially paired with such a soft pink gown. The weird bow/ruffle thing detracts from the overall look in my opinion but then there are those legs! 

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