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Friday, December 9, 2011

7 things...

Ms. Jane posted a blog the other day with a challenge, post 7 things about you that people may not know. I started thinking about it, there isn't a lot about me that people don't know because frankly, I am an International Woman of {no} Mystery. But after some struggle this is what I came up with

1. I have a half brother that I have never met. He was born exactly 7 years and 1 day before me to my mother and her first husband. I grew up hearing about him but he never knew I existed until I was 14 when he contacted my mom and I. I talked to him for about 10 minutes. That is the only contact I've ever had with him. I am not sure if my mom is still in contact with him and frankly I don't really care.

2. I went to beauty school and graduated and even got my cosmetology licence. About halfway through school I knew I didn't want to do hair for a living but I didn't want to quit school so I finished, took the state boards, got my license and then used it just to get salon products at cost. Unfortunately my license lapsed a couple of years back so now it's back to getting my friends to help me get cheap product!

3. I started reading when I was 3 years old and have a serious love of books. Both my mom and Mr. S have occasionally sworn off buying me books because I read them too fast. At one point Mr. S bought me 3 books on a Friday and I had finished two of them before Monday morning. He has since repealed that statement and said that he will buy me a book occasionally but that I have to learn how to pace myself *laugh* There have been days when I have read so much at one time that I literally felt like the words were going to start coming back out of my head.

4. I shoplifted once in my life. Once. I was in 7th grade and I was with an older girl and we promptly got caught. I immediately started crying because I knew I was royally screwed. Sitting up in the office of the King Soopers on Uintah in Colorado Springs listening to my mother tell the manager "you must have the wrong number because my daughter wouldn't steal" was probably one of the most humiliating moments in my life. Never stole again.

5. I didn't leave Colorado until I was 19. My first trip out of state was to go to Vegas with Taylor's parents and his little brother. They basically paid me to babysit Cameron and go watch motorcycle races at UNLV. It was a great time and they took me to Vegas about 5 times after that. His family were always incredibly kind and generous to me and for that I will always be grateful. I need to dig up that picture of all of us at the Star Trek experience where I'm all skinny and holding a phaser....

6. My mom had to make my prom dress for me. Everything that came in a size 18 (in 1996 at least) made me look like the mother of the bride. Pink (of course) and satin and off the shoulder. Very me. And? I didn't have a date so I went with 3 of my good friends and we all had a great time.

7. um shit... I can't think of anything else... How about this, you have any questions about me?

if you'd like to, give me 7 factoids about you that I might not know. I love this shit.

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