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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mark one off ye old bucket list.

Thursday night G.Y. took me to see Portishead. And wow. Just wow. I have loved Portishead for years, ever since the first time I heard them on the Tank Girl soundtrack. I'll never forget watching Tank Girl and hearing this song, this voice that reached out and grabbed with me with it's melancholy sound.

embedding is disabled but it's this moment, right here that got me. I went out and got the soundtrack just to find out what song this was (turns out it's a pretty awesome soundtrack) Once I knew the band I went and bought whatever albums they had out. At the time I think it was just Dummy, and I quickly listened it to death *laugh* that's so not real grammar is it?

Anyway the show was at the First Bank Center in Broomfield which I have to say is a pretty nice venue. We kept referring to it as a mini Pepsi Center. (ps the whole corporations running the world thing seems imminent when all these huge venues and stadiums have the corporate names. Maybe the fast food wars they talk about in Demolition Man isn't that far off). The show itself was fantastic. Beth Gibbons' voice is as beautiful as ever and it was an experience to see them live. It was apparently the last show of their North American tour and the first time they'd been to the US in about 13 years.

one of my favorite Portishead songs, it was pretty awesome to see it performed live. Seriously. Wow.

this was the highlight of the evening for me. This video is similar to the version they played here in CO. It felt so raw, so exposed and yet so wonderful.

I'm so glad that G.Y. me, it was a wonderful night and is definitely on my top 1 best concerts ever list. I can never thank him enough.

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