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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

starting to panic but only a little bit (car update)

So the engine is here finally (YAY!) but I have to admit I am panicking a little bit. Uncle Shitty and I are going arrange the car tow here in a day or two to get the car to his house and then I have to rent the hoist and buy all the other ephemera in order to complete the repairs. We only have a week or two in which to do it because he will be going nuts with work soon.

Here is where the panic comes in.


It's always about fucking money isn't it?

I am frankly terrified that I have done all this and I still won't have enough money to pay for what I need to pay for and still try to get my bills paid. I am soooo  close to getting my car back after 3+ months and maybe I am just freaking myself out but, but, but...

I just feel like most of my resources are dried up. I don't know where else to go if I need more money especially if I need it fast (like in the next week or two) and I know that if I don't figure it out, it could be a month or more longer before I can get my car back and that REALLY freaks me out.

no, I will take deep breaths.

I will figure it out. .

I always do.

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  1. You know how the Christians like to say, "Let go; let G-d"?

    It works. *wink*