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Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh I get it now.

Several times over the last few weeks I have seen some behavior that I would really like to chalk up to someone being totally oblivious rather than them being one of the most incredibly rude people I've ever met. I realize that the truth is somewhere in the middle. It isn't that they are rude, it is that they have no concept of anyone else's needs except in direct relation to themselves. I understand being selfish, shit I am an only child from a single parent home. If anyone can understand being selfish, it's me. What I don't understand is being so completely wrapped up in yourself and your own bullshit that you completely ignore everyone else around you. It's the true mark of a narcissist I imagine. Someone who is so self absorbed that they just cannot see past themselves and how things directly relate to themselves. I do wonder what happened to these people to make them that way. Were they coddled and always fawned over or was it the other extreme? Could it be that they want to keep everything focused on them so that they can now feel wanted or a part of something? I don't really know and I certainly don't understand that kind of behavior. It's not that I am never self centered or that I talk about myself a lot because god knows I do that. We all do that. It's human nature. But where does human nature end and extreme self absorption begin? 

I guess it's not for me to understand, it's for me to recognize these people and steer clear of them. When I can that is, it's inevitable that you will have to deal with people like that. There are just too many people that we are required to interact with on a daily basis. The one saving grace of people like this is that they can be somewhat easy to get rid of. You just start talking about yourself and things that you are doing or that you have to do. Most of these people will wander off and quickly lose interest as soon as they aren't the topic of conversation.

Hey but enough about me, what do you think about me?

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