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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No way back to recall the way, 'cause I threw out all the why's

Love is such a strange emotion. I've been ruminating over the nature of love and the shape it takes in our lives.

It's strange, when you have that moment where you look at this person (usually while they are totally oblivious to you) and you feel THAT feeling. Anyone who has ever truly been  in love knows what I am talking about. The feeling you get when you see them smile, laugh or when they are sleeping. Whatever it is that makes you stop and feel that rush of emotions, the bundle of love, protectiveness, tenderness and occasionally irritation and bemusement. Okay, lets be fair here. In a real, grown up, loving relationship, irritation, annoyance, tenderness and love all go hand in hand. The "storybook" love doesn't exist. What *does* exist isn't pretty and clean like it is in fiction. Nothing ever is that pretty. I think that artists tend to go to the extremes when talking about love, they either make it shiny and perfect or painful and dirty and we all know in real life, real love is usually combination of all these things.

There is no easy way to describe what it feels like to be in love or to love someone. People who are far more talented and eloquent than me have been trying since the creation or art so I won't even try.

But I tell you what, as much as this shit drives me nuts? I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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  1. Looks like we *have* been on the same page this week....