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Saturday, August 27, 2011

never count your chickens before they hatch

I have a bad habit of talking big about things before they happen. I get excited about upcoming events before I have tickets/rides/money for them.

That's a bad habit. It seems that every single time I talk about something before it happens, the big event doesn't happen.

Does that make sense?

Like when I talked about getting my car fixed back in July and then I didn't actually have enough money. Or when I thought my car might be fixed by my birthday? That probably won't happen either. *le sigh* There are several other things going on that may or may not actually happen but I'm not gonna talk about those things because I haven't posted about them or anything so I can still pretend I haven't planned or hoped that they were going to happen. I can pretend, right?

Shit happens sometimes and things rarely go as planned that is a fact of life but damn it's disappointing nonetheless when you really, really hoped/wanted/planned on something going right for a change and it doesn't.

But I can't let myself get too down about things, it will all eventually work out one way or another. It always does. I just need to stop talking about things BEFORE they happen, that just never seems to work out well and then I end up having to explain why things didn't happen the way I said they were going to and I hate that. So enough of that. No news reporting until it's already happened.

Disappointment is the spice of life. Or something like that.

1 comment:

  1. Desire is suffering.

    Expectation leads to disappointment.

    Control is an illusion.

    (Love ya.)