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Friday, July 8, 2011

update on the car situation

So I have had several people asking me what is going on with my car and the status of the repairs. I admit to getting a little... shitty with people for asking mostly because there isn't much to report as of right now. There is some news though so here you go

Thanks in large part to my fantastic friends and to my mom, I have managed to come up with the money I need to buy the engine. I am just waiting for Uncle Shitty to call the place he found it at and order it up for me. This will probably happen on Monday. Once the engine gets here we will rent a car tow from U-Haul and tow my car from it's current location in Boulder to the safety of Uncle Shitty's house so that work can begin. I will also have to rent a hoist for a day or two as that is the ONE thing he doesn't have in order to fix my car (that we know of that is) and then he can start the REAL work of swapping the engines out and determining what, if anything else needs to be fixed while he is at it. So even though there isn't any tangible evidence of progress I am trying to convince myself that there is progress and it won't be much longer until I can get my car back. Because having to borrow the Hippie Gingers car or occasionally a van from another friend really sucks. I miss my freedom.

Oh and did I mention my license plates are due this month too? Fantastic.

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