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Saturday, July 30, 2011

expectations in hope's clothes

I am starting to believe that hope is just expectations out for a masquerade. We all know that expectations lead to disappointment and resentment, right? Well what if those of us who are learning to manage our expectations let ourselves believe that we aren't having expectations but HOPE that it will be whatever it is we want? When it doesn't happen the way we want are we any less resentful or disappointed? Not really. I have had several conversations with several different people about this topic and I am now convinced that hope and expectations are related in some way.

So why do we allow ourselves to feel that glimmer of hope when we logically know that we will be disappointed in the results? Human nature? Being told that it is okay to hope? That indeed you MUST have hope that X or Y will happen (or whatever said hope is about) or there is no point in life.

I call bullshit. I say fuck hope. Belief is one thing. Hope is another.

Do I beleive that things will get better? Absolutely.
Will I just sit around and hope that things will change? not anymore.

I am not going to be hope's bitch anymore.

1 comment:

  1. THIS.

    Fuck it it, indeed!

    I wrote off both hope and expectations long ago, and belief has one foot out the door.