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Monday, June 27, 2011

It isn't all about you, except when it is.

There are times when it suddenly occurs to you that for right now, this moment it is all about you. These moments NEVER happen when you attempt to make it all about you. They never happen when you try to force the attention to yourself. Sometimes the people you are with shift their energy in order to feed you and it's usually when you particularly need it. And it feels great. To have people you love feeding you their energy and knowing that they are happy to focus entirely on you and to feel that particular connection with them is a very blessed moment. Always try to appreciate these times because they are exceedingly rare and seriously? There isn't much better than being the center of attention. DUH.

With that said, more people need to learn that while sometimes it is indeed all about you, more frequently than not it is NOT all about you. There are times when your friends need you to pay attention to them. They need you to feed them your love and your passion and your energy. Learn to be in tune with the moods and the flow of energy in your relationships. Learn to read your friends and know when to feed them. Learn to figure out when they need the energy more than you do.

It'll pay off in the end. Promise.

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