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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Wanting, part deux

About a month ago I posted about The Wanting and how I was craving a new article of clothing and I had decided to save up the money to get this dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing
Well because Mr. S is occasionally awesome (maybe more than occasionally but I don't want him to get an inflated ego), he totally got me my dress and I got it in time for the Brigadoon Birthday party! I was practically giddy when I got the dress in the mail. I immediately tried it on and it fits great! I cannot wait to wear it in public. Only a week and a half left.

Hopefully my girdle comes in time *laugh*


  1. This dress is fucking gorgeous.

  2. Thanks! I absolutely love it. It's been hard not to run around in it all the time but I am saving it for the Brigadoon Birthday party next weekend. I will definitely post photos of me in said awesome dress.