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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Void

I see a lot of single people bemoaning the fact that they are single and how lonely and sad and empty they feel. No one else can fill the void within yourself. You can be sad, lonely and empty even if you are with someone. You are the only responsible for your own happiness, you are the only one who can fill that void. Learning what makes you happy and learning how to be happy being alone are so important in living a full and happy life.

With that said, it takes a LOT of work. Endless work. It took me a long time to learn how to be happy being alone. I still have to work on it sometimes.

When I fell in love the first time I counted on TheTallTorturedGuy for all my happiness. I truly believed that without him I couldn't be happy at all. All my time was spent counting minutes until I could be with him again. And then he committed suicide. I think when he and I were together we tried to save each other but ultimately he couldn't save himself and a lot of these lessons were brought home to me.
1. You can't save or change anyone.
2. You are the only one responsible for your own happiness
3. No one can fill the "void" inside you
4.The only common denominator in your relationships is you

you HAVE to learn how to take care of yourself. You have to learn how to be happy without anyone else. It's a fact that everyone dies alone. Deal with it.

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