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Sunday, May 22, 2011

That Girl

You know that girl? The totally wasted one who is slurring her words and keeps repeating herself over and over again? The one who keeps getting louder and louder and who thinks her jokes are funny? How about the one who doesn't really remember the things she said to you?

Yeah I was totally THAT girl on Friday. And although I had a lot of fun (even with the holes in my memory) I realized that I hate that girl. I hate when I become that girl. All it takes is that one last drink to push me over the edge from pleasantly drunk to OH MY FUCKING GOD wasted.

I am not beating myself up for it, there is no point in it but it does annoy me that I let myself get to that point because I seriously hate being that girl. Nothing to do now but move on and hope that I didn't say anything to upset anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. Oh and? Say no to that last drink next time.

It is okay to say no.

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