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Friday, May 6, 2011

It really is that easy

"If you just take 10 minutes out of your goddamn day and clean up after yourself, you won't have to spend as much damn time cleaning your shit up."

That is pretty much verbatim. I heard that from him for 20+ years. When I was younger I was a total slob, clothes all over the floor, bed never made and I LOATHED doing the dishes. Maybe it's because those were my chores and my mom expected me to do them. And we all know teenagers are assholes so of course I never did them.

As I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate a clean house.
A clean kitchen.
A clean bathroom.
A clean bedroom.

It is such a simple thing to keep up with. Because seriously if you just expend 10 minutes a day cleaning up after yourself it makes it so much easier to clean house. I wish that everyone would realize this and just get off their ass and clean up after themselves once in awhile. They might be surprised how much more relaxing their home is when they actually expend a little bit of effort once in awhile. I've been in some peoples homes and thought to myself "how the hell can they live like this?" crap all over the floor, all over the furniture, shoes on tables and shit just piled up everywhere. I don't get it. Now don't go thinking that I am some sort of anal retentive clean freak because jeebus knows that isn't true. Plus I live with 3 other people, in a really big house. If I was a clean freak I am pretty sure all of my spare time would be spent cleaning but it is nice to feel okay with having company come over at any time because you know your house is clean.

So yeah, do yourself and your roommates or lover or mom or whoever a favor. Just take a couple minutes a day and pick up after yourself. DO IT.

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