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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It is kind of sad really

I've been hearing conversations around that make me feel almost sorry for some of the people in the periphery of my life. Co-workers, acquaintances, people on facebook. Talking about the petty things that they do to other people in their lives just to feel a moment of what they perceive as happiness. Usually the things they talk about aren't nice and I am sure they don't make anyone happy, all they really do is make the other person feel as shitty as they do.

No shit, today I heard someone talking about how they were going to lock their husband out of the house just because she was having a shitty day and was irritated at him. She said that she was going to make sure he couldn't get into the house just because. THERE ISN'T EVEN A GOOD FUCKING REASON FOR IT. She and her friend were laughing about how hilarious it is to do stuff like that or to throw something that their husband is looking for out in the trash. Just because. WHAT.THE.FUCK. They play "pranks" on people like soaking down their office chairs at work to the point that when the person sits down on it they get soaking wet and have to sit in wet jeans all day. Or put salt in their coffee. Or they do any other myriad of things that I would consider to be really shitty things to do to someone. I just don't understand it. I really don't. I've bitched about it before but I cannot fathom why you would do these things to someone.

Thing is, I know how miserably unhappy these people are. I hear them talk about it every single day. I know that they think by doing these small, petty things that they will feel a little bit better about themselves or their day or whatever. But I will never understand it. And I am not sure I have any real sympathy for them.

Nope, I don't. Get over it and grow the fuck up. The shit you do is not funny . And it certainly won't help you out of your mundane, sad existence.

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  1. Oh gods, our scene does this endlessly. Look at most Scene Drama, and ultimately it is one person trying to drag another one down under the paradoxical delusion that it will make the doer feel better. Big tip from one who's got the damn whole outfit - it doesn't make you feel better, the small surge of fierce joy is quickly drowned by the buried realization that you're being a jackoff for doing it. No win. The ladies you work with need therapy or a Good Friend, one who will call them on it. Regrettably, few of us can handle the jester's voice pointing out our foolishness and idiocies - we tend to kill the messenger reflexively rather than at least audit whether they may have a kernel of truth that we missed.