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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I hold these truths to be self-evident

I read this today and loved it. The idea, the execution, everything. I started to think about the "truths" I've learned and that I strive to live by. I posted my own list after Dr. Albrecht's list.

After 6+ decades on the planet, I decided it would be a good idea to state, succinctly, what I believe I know about life. These 15 principles for living sanely are true for me. 

1. I'm loveable, capable, and worthy - and I don't have to prove it.
2. My self-esteem is independent of external causes or consequences.
3. I think and act from the "place of cause" - I will not be a victim.
4. I'm responsible for the consequences of my choices.
5. There's no success or failure - we get what we program for.
6. Affirming and validating others affirms and validates me.
7. Giving love is the best way to get love.
8. I don't do guilt.
9. I don't do shame.
10. Life isn't a zero-sum game - more than one person can win.
11. I don't have to answer aggression with aggression.
12. I don't need to get revenge - I refocuse my energy and move on.
13. I have the right to learn, make mistakes and change my mind.
14. I keep my opinions on probabtion - open to new ideas and evidence. 
15. I have no need - or right - to impose my "truth" on others

My list

1. Love is not finite. You and can and will love more than one person.
2. You cannot save anyone
3. You cannot change anyone, you have to accept people for who they are. Faults and all.
4. I will never be the slender, delicate girl with the flawless skin. And I'm okay with that. I am what I am.
5. Chasing the ghost of external gratification will only bring you down.
6. Expectations are a bad thing. Let go of them.
7. Always take the high road, that way you can look down on everyone else (last bit courtesy of Miss. Modchen I believe)
8. NEVER take anyone or anything for granted. Ever.
9. Always say please and thank you. Small courtesies often mean the most.
10. Never say you will never do something because that means you will be doing it almost immediately.  Be open to new experiences and ideas.
11. You are the only one responsible for your own happiness. No one can make you happy but they can absolutely enhance your happiness.
12. Revenge is pointless, just sit back and watch people create their own failure and misery.
13. Learn to be happy alone. You will be alone a lot more than you will be with someone.
14. Sex doesn't equal love and love doesn't equal sex. Too many mothers teach their daughters this fallacy. It causes more damage than you'd think.
15. It's never too late to change.
and the most important truth of all

What are some of your "truths"?

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  1. but your skin is really very pretty, and nobody has flawless skin unless they're too young to be interesting anyway.

    and being delicate is excruciatingly overrated.

    i say: Process is content. enjoy the process as well as the results, or you'll never be content.