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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Wanting

I have a bad case of The Wanting right now
No, I am not talking about sex
For once
I am talking about Wanting a new dress, a new piece of clothing, a new pair of shoes
The material, shiny, shallow Wanting.
I Want
It doesn't make me feel any better to have people remind me that I can't have a new dress
because I can't afford it
because I'm broke.
I realize to some they think they are being funny by teasing me about my lack of funds to spend on stuff
I also know that they don't mean it to be malicious in any way
But actually it is pretty hurtful
I know I am broke
I know I can't afford it
It's okay, I'll get over it.
I always do.

You can't always get what you Want

addendum -  The Zen Archer pointed out the reason that this is bugging me so much.
Of course she did, it is what she does after all.
Here is the run down -
The old me would have bought the dress and damn the consequences.
The newer me, stops and realizes that I need to pay bills instead of buying the dress.
I have however decided that I will save up a little money every week and I will get the dress I want by the Brigadoon Birthday.
I can has goals.

This is the dress I want by the way... 

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