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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Game of Thrones was as good as I had hoped.

For anyone who was even remotely interested in this show there were about a bazillion videos available on YouTube to give you a taste of what the show would be like but as we all know even a 15 minute preview can be wholly misleading as to the quality of the finished product. In my humble opinion I thought that tonight's premiere episode of Game of Thrones was gorgeously done, with an incredible attention to detail and surprisingly very, very true not only to the feel of the books but the actual text of the books which is extremely rare in adapted materials. By far my favorite bit of casting is Peter Dinklage as the Imp. I never had any doubts that he could capably play this character and I was very glad that they wrote the dialogue so true to the character in the books. One of the main complaints I have heard from people who haven't read the books is that they couldn't keep up with all the characters and their names and backstories. Anytime a new series starts especially when it is an ensemble cast it can  be tricky to keep track of character names and we almost never know the backstory unless it is explained in the pilot episode so I sincerely think that is a non-issue.

If you have read the books I only have one question. Where was Rickon?
One of the other things I have heard is people complaining about the nudity and sexuality and violence in the show. I have heard them dismiss it as "oh it's a cable show and they need to be edgy blah blah blah" I know that these comments come from people who haven't read the books because honestly? The books are FAR more graphic (both with sex and violence) and gory than I bet the show will be.

My final verdict is that I will gladly head over to Kyle and Sage's house every Sunday evening for about the next 10 weeks or so to watch this series unfold. It won't make everyone happy because that is impossible but I suspect that most of the fans will be pretty happy with the final product.

PS Kit Harringtion who plays Jon Snow really should go shirtless like all the time. I'd be okay with that.

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