"I want to be my own design" Clive Barker - Imajica

Monday, March 28, 2011

Please stop it

Quit it
Just knock it off
No seriously
Whining incessantly about wanting someone to fill the void
Complaining that no one tries to see past your fa├žade
Crying about how you are always alone
Going on and on about how you want someone to pay attention to you
Realize this
Maybe the reason no one wants to spend time with you
Maybe the reason no one commits to plans with you
Maybe the reason why people say no to dates with you
Maybe the reason you are alone
Maybe your lack of self confidence is a turn off
Maybe your grasping ways make people not want to be around you 

I don’t want to be a hateful bitch. 
I really don’t. 
I understand being lonely
I understand wanting to have someone near
I understand wanting someone to care
Truth is we are all alone. 
just try to let go a little bit. 
Let things just happen
Fake your self confidence until it's real
Don't try to force yourself on other people
I've been that person and luckily I have learned my lessons (mostly)

Desperation is so terribly unbecoming.


  1. "Fake your self confidence until it's real"

    BINGO! Give the lady her prize: Self-awareness and the ability to tell the Paduwan from the Master.


  2. I dare you to post the link to Facebook o_0.

  3. PS We've always known you were kickass but when did you become Chuck Norris?