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Friday, February 25, 2011


So I had my 4(!) year review here at work last week. I knew I wasn’t going to get a raise so that thought didn’t even enter my mind. I haven’t had a raise in 2 years. Business is way too slow for it and the fact that I got written up one month prior to my review would have ruled that out anyway.  All I really wanted out of my review was to hear that I have improved since my write up because I have really been trying. I’ve been a lot nicer to people, I’ve been making sure everything gets done in a timely and accurate manner. I’ve been trying to get back to the work behavior and ethics that I have always prided myself on and had been letting slip.

So yeah, had my review and the first thing my boss said was that there has been a marked improvement in all the areas we discussed since my write up. Yay me! Good cause I’ve been trying HARD to get back on track.

But I have a confession

Even though I’ve been doing really well and working hard to improve, I still get scared that I will end up with another write up. I have not done a thing to deserve one but. ..

I have a secret to tell you

That was the one and only write up I have ever received in the 16+ years that I have been working and it nags at me. Not because I let them down.

Because I let myself down. 


apparently I am full of fail because I just received another write up, for having a negative attitude. I've been trying so hard and I honestly thought I'd improved but apparently not enough. Last chance for Sparrow here. FUCK.

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