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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I don't know what started it today, but somewhere along the way I became enthralled with listening to one certain band. It happens that way sometimes. You just get in a mood and there is that one artist that fulfills your needs for the moment. Today was different. I have listened to Endanger before but it never quite clicked until I heard this song and it just... fit.

with lyrics like the following

I have no doubt that you are the right one
I have no doubt we can survive
so just go on make your decisions
I am sure you’re doing fine
I count on you...

and when there’s a time
when everything seems to fall apart
it won’t bring us down
‘cause we can rely
on each other
that’s something I know by now

it just struck a chord with me. And Rouven Walterowicz's voice is very much up my alley so to speak. I have a particular fondness for male singing voices especially when they are deep and slightly sorrowful.

 And then tonight they posted this video


also love these songs...

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