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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

those damned arrows hurt sometimes, even when they are deserved.

The worst feeling in the world is getting written up and knowing that it was earned. I’ve been sloppy, careless and exceptionally bitchy at work lately. Enough of that. I hate being that person. That isn’t me. I’m great at my job. Time to get back to being someone I’m proud of at work regardless of how slow we are. 

I posted that on my facebook page. Because seriously. I need to get back to being someone that I can respect at work. I always get my work done, that isn't the issue. It's just not as precise and neatly or timely as I can.  And that most definitely isn't me. I take pride in the fact that I am a good worker, that I'm efficient, that I'm one of the best employees most companies can have. But I haven't been that person lately. It is harder when we are slow because I have a tendency to stretch out tasks so it makes me feel like I have more to do. No more of that. Get shit done.

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