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Monday, January 31, 2011

The moments between

I had an interesting conversation with a friend via the interwebz this evening. She asked me how I was doing because we haven't seen or talked to each other since the beginning of the new year. When I told her that I was doing okay, nothing too exciting we started talking about how most of us are boring in real life and she responded with "not you, you always have something interesting going on." It started me thinking about how we perceive our lives compared to how outsiders may see us and the moments that someone else views as interesting or noteworthy compared to what you hold dear.

It's hard to be objective about your own life, after all you are too closely involved. You are dealing with all the mundane, day to day bullshit that life inevitably throws your way. You know how mundane you and your existence really is. We all have interesting moments in our lives, we all have stories to tell but in between the stories is our everyday existence.

The eating, sleeping, crying, cleaning, smiling, daily events that no one including yourself usually think about. The moments we take for granted. Sometimes those little moments can be what makes life worth all the damned struggle and strife.

The moments in between.

Remember these moments. Sometimes they are all you have. Remember the smile, the touch on the cheek, petting the kitty, the laugh of someone you care about. Remember and appreciate these moments no matter how small.

Don't lose sight of the little moments looking for the next big thing to come along.


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